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Wuxi Rockcode Diamond Products,specializes in manufacture high quality of diamond core bits for the exploration and mining industry.
Rockcode Diamond Products is one of the main manufacturers of geological diamond drilling tools in China. Excellent design, experts in powder metallurgy, sophisticated furnace and CNA lathe, strict quality control, has enabled Wuxi Rockcode to manufacture all range of matrix to achieve the demand of every day drilling.
Impregnated Core Bit
Impregnated diamond drill bits are designed to perform as grinders. Diamonds are embedded in an infiltrated or sintered matrix. The matrix erodes away at the same rate as the diamonds become worn and rounded. Thus new sharp diamonds are exposed to continue cutting through the rock.
Surface set bit
Surface set diamond bits can be used with any type of core barrels. By varying the diamond grade, size, quality, and matrix hardness and crown shapes, the users can satisfactorily drill and core hard and homogeneous formations. To avoid excessive matrix wear at the leading edge of each segment, tungsten carbide inserts are fitted on each side of the waterway. This kind of bits cannot be used in broken or loose formations. Rockcode surface set bits have proven to have a high penetration rate, long service life, and best adaptability to change formation.
Geotechnical Core Bit
This group of products are similar to surface-set diamond bit in that they are set with a single layer of cutters mounted on the face of the bit in a pre-determined pattern. Instead of natural drill diamond however, the cutting media used on geotechnical bits are synthetic polycrystalline diamond elements. These elements are composed of micron-sized particles of synthetic diamond that have been formed into various geometric shapes. Like surface-set diamond bits, geotechnical bit crowns consist of a tough wear resistant matrix body that as a minimum includes natural diamond gauge protection setting. In most cases, the gauge protection setting is augmented with seismic grade tungsten-carbide pads and/or polycrystalline diamond elements.
Production process Adopt the international most advanced non-pressure sintering technology.
Adopt the international most advanced non-pressure sintering technology
Professional custom Provide high quality customized services We have a strong scientific research team, fully protect the personalized needs of customers, and strive to make customers satisfied, timely delivery
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